Monday, 24 February 2014

My Columbine

Please introduce the band and tell us what each member’s role is.

Sven: We are pretty much a mash-up of everything we all love about Metal, we all have different influences so we get to fuck around with lots of styles and genres. My Columbine is pretty much everything we love blended into a sound that reflects us, sometimes melodic and sometimes just plain brutal and heavy. Ray moved away in 2013 making an opening for Drikus who now lays down the vox, I play a little bass, Daniel and Gehart jam the guitars and Wimpie holds down the beats.
Gehart: We are a delicate blend of old fuck and new influence with a little bit of brains and bullshit mixed in there just for the taste. Business as unusual and more than anything good coherent friendships based on insults and bad judgement. But never a dull moment and an undying love for heavy fuckin metal, that’s for sure.
Wimpie is the one with the drumsticks making a racket at the back. Dropping the bass and the macaroni is Sven, while Daniel and Gehart axe away at the strings and the descants. Drikus has now taken the mic from Ray who was a founding father of our band, and well, let’s just let him speak for himself. 

What type of band would you say you are?

Sven: Well… Metal, but to be more descriptive the best I could come up with would be a mix of Death, Groove and Melodic Metal with a bit of Prog and Thrash to add colour. We mix it up a lot messing around with rhythms and weird cords and progressions and try to make something that anyone would like to move their head to. 
Gehart: Somewhere between thrash and death would be a guess. Some progressive influences and hard liquor are never far off either, but generally the consensus would be we’re a type of steamroller derailing off a cliff with a bunch of catchy melodies on board.
Daniel: We are a Melodic Metal Band.
Drikus: Energetic, Passionate, entertaining, melodic, versatile and being as heavy as possible.
Wimpie: Melodic groove metal

What do your lyrics deal with?

Sven: Mostly things that affect us in our personal experiences with the world be it something political that we disagree with, to our passion for music and even a song about a nightmare that Ray had as a kid. Most of the stuff has always been about relevant things at the time of writing that we felt would mean something not only to us but the listener as well. Ray would often discuss his ideas for lyrics but he definitely must take credit for all the old lyrics. We’ve now got Drikus who will be taking over the lyrics dept. his stuff is also very personal but relatable but I don’t want to give too much away just yet.
Ray: Every song is different in its own respect with regards to the lyrics and feelings they portray. Some songs are about hate some about our love for music and some songs are about not giving a fuck. We try and write about situations we had in the past as it gives the songs an emotional connection that not only fans can relate to but also us playing the music.
Drikus: Inner struggle with the person inside wanting to escape.
Daniel: Life experiences...things that happen to everyone, good or bad.
Wimpie: It is usually about inner conflict and rage, and finding salvation. It is very open to interpretation

What dream tour would you love to be on with any local past or present bands?

Sven: Short term dream tour is a local national tour that we would like to put together with some of our fellow bands and spread a little constructive anarchy across SA. Long term dream would obviously be to do the big festival circuit Download, Redding, Waken, etc. 
Gehart: We would love to do a SA tour starting locally here in Pretoria and Jozi and branching out to KZN and the Cape. That would be pretty awesome. Go all out and just roadtrip with whoever tags along for the ride. Pitch play and party.
Ray: Any road, any other band, just us together (MC) on tour is a dream in itself.
Daniel: I would like to tour with bands such as Boargazm, Gunship, L.A Cobra and Octanium through Europe and also USA.
Drikus: It would have been great to be a part of Trivium and Devildriver tour of the US.

Heels or flats?
Gehart: Is this a trick question?
Sven: If she’s wearing heels, she gets my vote.
Daniel: Both. Flats when it’s too hot and heels when we’re in the cooler season.
Drikus: Flats! My heels will break because I’m a big guy.
Ray: Heels definitely
Wimpie: Flats

Tell us about the last show with your old vocalist

Sven: Bittersweet man! We had known about it for a long while before and we were all dreading it and at the same time wanted to send Ray off in style. It ended up being an epic gig the crowd were awesome and we played well. After the show we had an old fashioned My Columbine piss up to commemorate the evening. All in all - Perfect
Gehart: It was epic as one would expect. We all had a brilliant time on and off stage, which made the farewell all the more memorable…well at least until the next morning. But it was a favourite gig for us all and the best sending off we could have hoped for.
Daniel: It was an awesome show. We had a lot of fun (like always), and the crowd also enjoyed themselves.
Wimpie: Sad, epic, best show ever!

Do you get nervous before going on stage? How do you deal with this?

Sven: I get seriously amped up and excited, it’s more like nervous energy than being actually nervous. Generally we don’t let each other get nervous in the negative sense because we pump each other up so much before a show. Basically we warm up behind the scenes on our instruments while talking shit then just before going on stage we do a team huddle, swear a lot and end up really motivated for the show.
Gehart: We don’t get nervous but we do get really excited. We look forward to playing for days before the time, psyching each other up as the time gets closer. Before we go on its always a bunch a laughs and mocking before Bacchus slaps you repeatedly while chucking brandy down your throat haha
Daniel: Yes, even after a lot of live shows I still get ‘nervous’, it’s more like anticipation though. I always used to have a couple of drinks to calm my nerves, but nowadays I will just go sit down and do a good warm-up session when we have the time...
Ray: Of course, I think one thing we always do to get rid of nerves is we make jokes with each other. Just calms everyone down instantly
Drikus: Imaging people at a show naked is a bad idea, because it’s not always a pretty sight. I don’t get nervous.
Wimpie: Yes definitely, but that is part of the fun and you get addicted to the feeling, but I find that a few beers before the show definitely helps.

How did you feel when you played your first show

Sven: It was better than sex, what a rush! I remember thinking “Let’s do that again!” Performing live is my favourite thing to do. That said we work really hard to deliver a finished product when we perform so I guess a lot of that awesome felling is a validation of all the long hours that it took to get a given song on stage, and if the crowd likes it then it’s really magical.
Gehart: We had waited quite a while to play our first as the band you see today -1 Ray Watson. So it was a little unsettling but as soon as you hit the stage it doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is playing your music and enjoying the shit out of it.
Ray: Satisfaction, it's hard work to get a product good enough to take to stage and once you have done that it's complete satisfaction and validation for the work you put in
Drikus: Excited to be on stage and make the fans open up mosh pits
Daniel: Back when I was 15. Damn, that’s already 10 years ago...I was very nervous, I smoked a couple of cigarettes straight after each other before I went on stage
Wimpie: Glad that the guitarist made more mistakes than me
Have you ever worn pink lipstick?

Sven: Bad decisions make good stories…
Gehart: Only around my cock
Ray: Yes, nuff said
Daniel: Yes, in primary school, for the revue...
Drikus: No. But have worn black lipstick. Went to my brother 21st as one of the KISS members.
Wimpie: No

What is your favourite movie and why?

Sven: Shit… I love movies so it changes often, this week it would have to be Pirate Radio. I love the idea of Rock music being censored in England and the only way the people could listen to it was because a bunch of rebels would broadcast “pirate” radio stations from just outside England’s borders. Basically a middle finger to conservatism.
Gehart: Tarantino is a genius!!!
Daniel: Fight Club. It teaches you a lot of things including to be yourself.
Drikus: The Water boy!!! “Cut his freaking head off”.
Wimpie: There is a few but the ones that stand out is 5th Element, Pulp Fiction ,..., the list goes on and on. I can watch them over and over and be entertained every time.

If you had to interview me, what would you ask?

Sven: What one question don’t you want to answer?
Gehart: Do you ever wear pink lipstick?
Daniel: To tell me about your future plans
Drikus: If you had a band what would you name it?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Sven: It felt nervous standing on the side of the road in front of a KFC
Gehart: Because circling it would be too difficult
Ray: To get away from the Ethiopian
Daniel: To get to the dark side haha
Wimpie: To get to the other side
Drikus: To go to the metal show and meet chicks

What are your rituals – if any – before you go on stage?

Sven: Warm up, trash talk each other a bit, then do the huddle thing, take a piss (very important!) and a couple of drinks
Gehart: We’ll cut our hands with rusted blades and join hands in a circle before sacrificing a virgin and sprinkling her ash on our guitars… nah we’ll huddle up, swear at someone or something in chorus, add in a little kak-hap, get a beer and start carrying our gear to the stage.
Ray: We normally get together in huddle, get each other pumped up and then say something relevant on the count of 3 - like fuck Gehart or whatever
Daniel: All of us huddle together just before we go on stage and tell each other to just enjoy ourselves, and freak out on stage
Drikus: Gargle and down a beer
Wimpie: 2 Black labels, one while I setup my kit and one for when we play.

Tell us about the funniest moment you have had at a show.

Sven: Knocking Daniel on the head (by accident) with the headstock of my bass … hard. Hahaha he didn’t miss a note but I could see he was hurting a bit.
Gehart: When we had to follow an Afrikaans sokkie cover band on stage at a battle of the bands. Looking at the Ooms and Tannies waiting for us to start playing…hehe
Ray: Mine was at a recent show when Wimpie made a mistake. The look Daniel gave him was priceless
Daniel: Playing a show where old people didn’t run away when we started playing. It was quite funny! They even applauded us
Drikus: Once I actually broke the stage, jumping up and down with the crowd
Wimpie: The stare I get from Daniel every time I make a mistake, or a stick goes flying and I miss a beat. He is not very subtle about it...

Tell us about your next show. Why should we be there?

Sven: Man I can’t wait! We’re looking at March but we’ll obviously communicate it a bit closer to the time, we need February to work with Drikus on all the material so that we put on a show we can be proud of that the fans can enjoy. Why should you come? It’s going to be sick, that’s why! What is happening in the rehearsal studio is awesome. The new show will not only have standard My Columbine material with Drikus laying down really sick vocals but a whole bunch of new material that we’ve been preparing for the new line up!
Gehart: The next gig…oh hell we can’t wait! We’ll be introducing our new vocalist, Drikus to y’all but we’ve been writing for some time now, keeping it to ourselves and saving it for this first gig with him. We have an arsenal of new material begging to be aired, so everything is new: new songs, new vocalist, new vibe. We are unbelievably excited for it so keep an eye out and an ear on the ground, we’re coming soon.
Hoping you’re ready because we ARE!
Drikus: Well it’s going to be our first gig as a new band, so come and help us breaking into a new era as My Columbine. Well it’s going to be our first gig as a new band, so come and help us breaking into a new era as My Columbine
Wimpie: A new vocalist, new songs, and the same intense energy.

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